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While the challenges of social distancing and uncertainty have evolved, Trouble Shakers continues to provide a reliable solution. Having adapted to the changing landscape, we've perfected a system that allows you to enjoy cocktails with friends and colleagues in a safe and convenient manner. Whether you prefer ready-mixed cocktails and mocktails delivered to your workplace in bottles or vacuum-sealed bags, or individual packages for your staff to assemble at home, Trouble Shakers remains committed to making your gatherings enjoyable and worry-free.

Mini cocktail workshops

If you wish to have your own mini cocktail workshops, we can send the ingredients separately with our online easy to follow instruction video for an interactive experience, this box can be upgraded with a professional shaker & measure.
We can also visit your work place and mix up your MOCKTAIL in person, in a to go (takeaway) cup for a refreshing drink on your journey home.

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